Customisable Touchscreens

It starts with one touch

Put your customers in control with high-impact digital experiences that meet their needs. Both now, and in the future.

With flexibility and accessibility at our core, our touch interfaces are easy to use and simple to navigate. Most importantly, they ensure your customers find what they are looking for.

How it works

Better tech for better customer service

Our touchscreens are designed to perform and impress. Fast, durable and responsive – they are the perfect vehicle to connect our leading solution to your business. Commercial grade hardware delivers high resolution, high-contrast visual display and high-touch sensitivity. These devices effortlessly play video, keep track of products browsed and recall customer data in an instant. Our bespoke solutions increase user satisfaction and business productivity.

Product Highlights

Give customers more control

Self-guided technology gives full access to product information and catalogue via Endless Aisle.

Upgrade existing systems

Tutch can plug and play into existing operating systems using a flexible API Service Network.

Optimise staff and service

Allow customer-facing employees to focus more on the customer, less on the sales process.

Technology & Security

  • Utilising Progressive Web applications, Google’s Angular 9 and Iconic we create a native user experience enabling Tutch to cater for all platforms and operating systems.

  • Tutch backend is built using Microsoft .NET Core maintaining a microservices design to our flexible API Services Framework.

  • The Tutch platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud in the Sydney Region within an auto scaled environment.

  • Backups and redundancy have been implemented across the Azure platform, creating multi regional redundancies for data and pipeline.

  • Tutch uses SSL to enable safe transmission of sensitive data between platform endpoints encapsulating our entire platform within a Microsoft Azure B2C security environment.

    Data is safely stored within a virtual private network preventing any unauthorised access. 

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