Whenever to wherever

Capitalise on every sales opportunity by making shopping even more convenient. Our flexible ordering and delivery system helps your business move product quicker and easier than traditional warehouse systems. Tutch turns existing store networks into logistic assets, creating more cost-efficient ordering and delivery solutions direct to store, home or office. Real-time stock updates across every location and warehouse ensures greater operational efficiencies; reducing markdowns and improving your bottom line.

How it works

Make new shopping options a differentiator

Tutch makes Click & Collect, Click & Reserve, Returns and Drop Shipping accessible offerings for businesses of any size. Stores act as retail and distribution centres to streamline delivery processes without adding additional layers of complexity.

Product Highlights

Increase cashflow

Explore options that ship direct to customer from supplier reducing stock needed in store.

Increase e-comm customer satisfaction

Tutch’ scalable solution creates more flexible options for delivery, regardless of business size.

Increase traffic conversion rate in store

Make shopping even more convenient with flexible shipping for every type of product – big or small.

Technology & Security

  • Utilising Progressive Web applications, Google’s Angular 9 and Iconic we create a native user experience enabling Tutch to cater for all platforms and operating systems.

  • Tutch backend is built using Microsoft .NET Core maintaining a microservices design to our flexible API Services Framework.

  • The Tutch platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud in the Sydney Region within an auto scaled environment.

  • Backups and redundancy have been implemented across the Azure platform, creating multi regional redundancies for data and pipeline.

  • Tutch uses SSL to enable safe transmission of sensitive data between platform endpoints encapsulating our entire platform within a Microsoft Azure B2C security environment.

    Data is safely stored within a virtual private network preventing any unauthorised access. 

Turn existing store networks into logistic assets. Get started today.

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